A Sunny Tomorrow

The following is an excerpt from A Sunny Tomorrow, A collection of Christian based stories for children.

Am I Special?

A Sunny Tomorrow
My mom is beautiful.  Everyone thinks so. When we walk in a store, people stop to stare at her. 
My dad is very smart.  He knows almost everything.  If you need to know something, just ask my dad.  He can answer your question.
I’m just a regular kid.
My sister, Emily is three years old.  She can’t hear with her ears.  She has never heard a word.  That is why she is can’t talk yet. When the doctor told my parents that she has special needs, my mom couldn’t stop crying.  Dad looked really sad.  Emily has been special to us since she was born.  We love Emily even more now that we know she has special needs.
Mom and Dad took Emily to school for Special Education classes because she needs special teachers to help her learn to talk with her hands.  Mom and Dad are going to classes at night to learn to talk to Emily with their hands.  It is called Sign Language.  Right now Emily doesn’t hear what I say, but she knows I love her.
Everywhere we go; people ask what is wrong with Emily.  Mom and Dad say, “Nothing is wrong with Emily.  God made her perfect.  She can talk with her hands and hear with her eyes.  She is a very special child.”
On Monday I walked Emily to her Special Education class.  When she walked in her teacher said, “There’s our special girl.”
At lunch the principal said, “Mrs. Jones, please get Emily a special tray from the cafeteria.”
When we rode the bus home the driver said, “Why don’t we put Emily in a special seat?”
That night the lady at the store handed Emily a lollipop and said, “There you go, special girl”
On Tuesday Emily went in my room and broke my new toy.  I got really angry and yelled at her even though she can’t hear me.  Then Mom yelled at me.   “Don’t yell at her.  You know she has special needs.”
On Wednesday I was doing my homework at the table.  Emily grabbed my paper and tore it.  I started crying because I had to do the paper again.  Mom said, “Don’t be a cry baby.  Emily didn’t know any better.  She can’t help it if she has special needs.”
On Thursday Emily took my ice cream away from me.  I grabbed it back.  Mom said, “Go stand in the corner.  We don’t treat our special girl that way.”
I stood in the corner crying.  Emily came up to give me a hug and I pushed her away.  Dad said, “I am very disappointed in you.  I think you shouldn’t watch television for two days.”  I told him that I didn’t care about that stupid television.  Now I can’t watch television or ride my bike for two days. 
On Friday when we got off the bus, I didn’t wait for Emily.  I just ran in the house.  Mom said, “Where is Emily?”  I said, “She’s coming.”  Mom sent me to my room.  Then she went outside and brought Emily in the house.  When Dad got home, she told him that I left Emily outside by herself.
Dad came into my room and said, “I don’t know what is wrong with you.  You have been mean to Emily all week.  The Bible tells us to be kind to special people.  Emily will never be able to hear.  God made her special.”
On Saturday I had a baseball game, but Mom and Dad couldn’t watch me play because they had to go to the class to learn to talk with their hands.  I was the only kid at the game with no mom or dad watching.  After the game all the other kids went to get ice cream with their mom or dad.  I walked home alone.
When Mom and Dad got home, I asked if we could go get ice cream.  They said no because they had learned some new words to teach Emily.  I asked if maybe we could go on Sunday after church.  They said no because my grandparents wanted to see Emily.
I know God made Emily special, but He made me first.  Doesn’t that make me special?  If Dad is so smart why can’t he see that being made first is special too?
I went to my closet and got the suitcase that I take to Grandma’s house.  Then I started putting clothes in it.  When I was finished, I started out the door, but Dad saw me.  He said, “Where are you going?”  I said, “Well I am the only one here that is not special, so I guess God put me in the wrong house.  I am going to find a house with regular people in it.”
Mom came in from the kitchen and said, “What did you say?”  I said, “I am going to live in a house with people who are just like me, not special.”
Mom said, “Why do you think you are not special?”
I said, “Because everyone is always saying how special Emily is.  No one thinks I’m special.”
Mom and Dad said, “We do.  We think you are special.”
Mom said, “I guess we forget to tell you how special you are to us.”
Dad said, “We are sorry for paying so much attention to Emily that we forgot about you.  We need to show you how special you are to us.  This is your special night.  What would you like to do?”
Mom asked a babysitter to stay with Emily.  Then Mom and Dad took me to eat pizza and ice cream.  While we ate I told them all about my game.  They listened and talked to me.  They talked about my game and my grades.  They talked about a lot of stuff.  But they didn’t talk about Emily.
Am I special?  Yes I am, just because I am me.

From Spice To Eternity

Chapter Twenty-Two – Hidden Beauty

Yvonne Pat Wright
From Spice To Eternity
Ginger: Ginger is perhaps most commonly known for its
medicinal properties rather than as a spice. This little
piece of root is another of God’s gifts to us. The variety of
its medicinal uses range from disorders of the digestive
system, dyspepsia, flatulence, colic, for coughs and colds,
aches and pains and several other ailments.
The spice ginger has a distinctive flavour. A bite on a
root of ginger will produce a tasteless burning sensation in
the throat.
Ground or grated and used in cooking, ginger adds a
distinctive flavour to Asian, Indian and Caribbean dishes and
brings its own flavour to baked products.
Ginger rhizome is unattractive and could easily be
overlooked because of its appearance.
It would be unkind to call him silly, though that is what
almost everyone in the village thought he was. His speech was
a slow drawl and you could see that it took great effort for
him to even form the thought and then speak it.
When the other boys and girls made plans for outings, he
was never included. No one wanted a date with him.
But Dan had his eye on a particular girl. She did not
live in the village. He had only seen her twice, but he knew
he loved her. Every day he dreamed of the time when he would
be brave enough to ask her to go out with him.
While he dreamed he made plans. He was saving most of
the money he received from his job in the carpenter shop.
From odd bits left over from customers’ jobs, he began
building an exquisite set of decorative household items. He
made sure the joints fitted perfectly. Then he sanded the
pieces to perfection, so that when the spray polish was put on
they shone like crystal. He was making these for his love and
one day when the complete set was finished, he was going to
give them to her and ask her out.
It was the day after Christmas that Dan decided he was
going to give Irma her gift. He dressed in his best suit, his
hair was nicely cut and his face gleamed with a broad smile.
Armed with his precious gift, Dan caught the bus that
would take him to Irma‘s house in twenty minutes.
Irma sat on her verandah wondering what the Lord had in
store for her. She knew she was attractive and all the local
boys wanted to take her out. She had not given in to any of
them because she had often heard them talking and knew what
was uppermost in their minds.
“Where,” she cried out to the Lord, “is that special
young man, chosen by you for me?”
As she finished her heartfelt prayer her eyes shifted to
the road in front of her. She saw a young man coming towards
her carrying a heavy package.
At first she thought it was Dan, the village silly,
although she never thought of him that way. As the figure
approached Irma exclaimed, “No it can’t be!”
This young man looks so attractive and he is coming right
As Dan neared her house, Irma’s recognized him.
Stuttering, Dan blurted out the question he had carefully
prepared, while stretching out his hand with the gift towards
“Would you like to go for a ride on the bus with me?” he
“You’re asking me out?” exclaimed Irma. She could not
believe her good fortune. Dan was sure he was being rebuffed.
Only when she stretched out her hand to take the package from
him did he realise that she was willing to go out with him.
The broad smile which had initially disappeared from his face,
Months later, Irma sat on her verandah recalling the
beautiful memories of that day, in between jotting down notes
for her upcoming wedding.
Dan had been charming, kind, tender, funny and
thoughtful. The drive on the bus to Kingston had been a
special treat, and the hours spent at Devon House just seemed
to rush by. There was so much to talk about, and strangely
enough Dan’s stuttering disappeared. How could anyone ever
think of him as silly? He was confident, clever, funny and
even now she still chuckled when she remembered some of the
jokes he told her that day.
By the time they said goodbye, she knew that she had
found the man of her dreams. He was everything she wanted in
a man, the one she would spend her life with.
The villagers still wonder to this day, what she saw in
Dan the village silly.
The Bible prophesied that Jesus would be thought of in a
similar fashion. “For He (Jesus) shall grow up before Him (God
the Father) as a tender plant and as a root out of dry ground.
He hath no form or comeliness, and when we shall see Him,
there is no beauty that we should desire Him.” Isaiah 53:2
Now two thousand years since He lived here on earth,
Jesus is the heart’s delight of millions of persons.
Throughout the ages, persons have discovered in Him,
tenderness, care, thoughtfulness, generosity, humour, strength
and unconditional love.
He is hardly chosen for His beauty, but for His heart of
love that gave us the most precious gift we’ll ever receive,
forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal life with Him.
Recipe: Gingered Salmon
2 skinless salmon fillets about 4 ounces each
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 clove garlic, pressed or minced
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger root
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon maple syrup
2 green onions, chopped
Place salmon fillets in an dish. Mix together olive oil,
garlic, grated ginger, soy sauce and onions. Pour over salmon
and let stand for 30 minutes.
In an oven proof dish, place salmon fillets without the
marinade. Bake for 10 minutes 200F. While the salmon place is
in the oven, pour the marinade into a saucepan. Cook on medium
heat until all the mixture is blended into a sauce.
Serve on the side with the salmon.

Women of Strength

Excerpt from Women of Strength – a devotional to improve spiritual & physical health
Kimberley Payne
Chapter 7 Temptation
I began smoking at age fifteen. I had continued the habit for over ten years before I decided to quit because I was pregnant with my first-born. It was not a difficult choice – I wanted to be as healthy as possible for my child. However, it was difficult to follow through on this decision.
The habit was ingrained; I smoked on the way to work, on my breaks, lunchtime and on my drive home again. Many of my friends and co-workers also smoked. My lifestyle revolved around this habit.
The decision to quit had to involve changes. I had to change my habits – I took walks on my break and at lunchtime and chewed on a sucker on my drives. I no longer joined friends for a coffee and a cigarette. I ate sunflower seeds when the cravings became intense.
I resolved to quit for the health of my baby and myself and I was determined to do so. With my new habits in place I felt confident. However, shortly after my decision I was reminded of tickets I had purchased to go to a concert with six other friends. We had bought them months in advance and I was excited that I was going to see this group for the first time. I thought I could handle this. At the concert, the music was loud, the crowd cheering and I was enjoying the whole scene. It was great fun – I was happy that I had agreed to join them. But once outside, my friends all lit up and the smell of a freshly lit cigarette was too much to ignore. I begged a friend for a drag. She argued with me, but after a few moments of pleading she eventually handed over the cigarette and I took a long haul. I had an immediate reaction; it was a mixture of satisfaction, yearning for more, and complete disgust. My conflict was painful. Although I desperately wanted a cigarette, I could not bear the repulsion I felt giving in to my craving. The guilt was heavy. I wished I had not gone to the concert. I wished I had not gone with my friends who still smoked. I wished I had not put myself into such a position of temptation.
When tempted, I lost. I thought I could handle the situation but I couldn’t. I thought I was strong enough, but I wasn’t. I decided not to put myself into such a place of temptation again.
This is what it must mean in the Bible when it says to flee from temptation. Instead of thinking we can fight against it, we shouldn’t even put ourselves in that position. We should run from it. 1 Timothy 6:11 tells us to flee from all this.
Temptation itself is not a sin. We are all exposed to temptation – even Jesus was tempted (Matthew 4:1 NIV). However, yielding to temptation is a sin. The easiest way to not yield to temptation is to resist it and run from it.
Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7 NIV).
Exercise Your Funny Bone
God so loved the world that He did not send a committee
You Asked
Q: Is a flat stomach a realistic goal for all people?
A: A perfectly flat midsection is simply not a realistic goal for many people. Even if you are very thin, your internal organs may give a slight roundness there. Abdominal exercises can tighten and strengthen your stomach, but they won’t reduce the layer of fat that sits on top. To shed body fat, you must burn calories through cardiovascular exercise.
Faith Lift
Dear Lord – I pray that You will give me the courage to let You control my life and that when I need assurance I can depend on You for all my needs. In Jesus’ name, I pray.
It's so wonderful to be able to get outside again and enjoy the warmer weather. Last week, I had opportunity to bike around the neighbourhood, play catch with the dog, clean up the backyard, and play baseball with the family. Activity is so much easier when it’s sunny and warm outdoors!
What activities do you enjoy outdoors?
Top Tip
Do something else at the same time – You can read or listen to books on tape while riding a stationary bike. You can also watch TV, listen to music, talk to God or think about a Scripture reading. If outdoors, carry a trash bag with you and collect garbage along the road or trail.
Bible Truth
Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.
Spend ten minutes once a week gazing at the stars.
Praise Move
Back - Shrugs
Stand holding a dumbell in each hand, arms comfortably shoulder-width apart, palms facing front thigh.
Keep your body straight, and lift the shoulders as high as possible.
Pause at the top of the movement, then lower slowly to starting position.
1.The arms should remain straight as the shoulders are raised.
2.Do not hold your breath throughout the movement.
3.Lift and lower the weight slowly.

Seventh Dimension

Seventh Dimension
Lorilyn Roberts
He began to sway back and forth to drum beats that picked up in intensity. He called my name. “Shale, my bright and beautiful. I know what you long for, even though you haven’t figured it out. I can give it to you.” The creature spoke eloquently, and whispered one word that pierced my heart.
I nodded. “Yes, that’s it. Love.”
“Oh, Shale, you’re so beautiful.”
I touched my cheek. “Am I?”
The snake danced on. Soon more snakes appeared cavorting along with the first one, and the vile creatures turned into handsome men smiling and sending air kisses. Then they changed back into charming snakes attempting to lure me closer.
Baruch whinnied and stomped his hoofs. Why was he doing that?
“Shale, you deserve so much better. Come closer. I can make you feel wonderful. I understand you, Shale, you poor girl who has suffered so.”
I couldn’t take my eyes off the enchanter. “You understand me?”
The snake danced charmingly. “Do you trust me?”
“I don’t know.”
“You long to be loved, don’t you, sweetheart?”
“Yes, but you’re a snake. What do you know about love?”
“I can make it so that you will always feel loved. Would you like that?”
“I can make handsome men desire you.”
I sensed something was wrong but the creature was irresistible. I couldn’t turn away. A Gardenia scent, my favorite flower, whisked me to a far-away utopia. Tapping my feet, I swayed my arms to soft melodious strings that kept rhythm with the drums. The serpent, along with its entourage, came closer. The alluring creature spoke pleasant words to me. So pleasing was the sound of my name. The catcalls entreated me to let myself go free and the winsome smiles engaged me. Love filled the air as the snake eyes desired me, but another voice spoke. The sound was far away.
“Go away,” I demanded. “Leave me alone.”
I took another step and reached out to touch the sorcerer.
“I’ll make you a beautiful princess,” he promised.
The desire to be talented and sought after by handsome young men consumed me.
Footsteps approached and a familiar voice addressed me in a calm whisper, “Shale, come to me.”
Daniel was too late. I didn’t want him anymore. I laughed.
“Shale, come to me.” The snake used the same words as Daniel. I stared into the depths of the creature’s eyes and evil pricked my soul.

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Emelia Mosima

Wait! is inspired by the Holy Spirit to empower and motivate the sons and daughters of God hit by the storms of uncertainties to His love and abilities.

Although waiting can be a painful experience, God wants us to be happy and peaceful throughout the waiting process. Everything seems to be delivered in bits these days, but heaven deems it sophistication to wait on God. This book is practical and transparent in its approach to the concept of waiting on God. It acknowledges that waiting is not something we inherently embrace and shares powerful, biblical insights into the concept of waiting. It reveals the often shrouded traits that make it difficult for the saints to wait, and hints on what saints could do while they wait and how to wait on God.

Wait! will help those who once trusted Him but are now overwhelmed by the yokes of life, reaffirm those tossed to and fro by the waves of life’s struggles, encourage those about to throw in the towel, calm those terrified by the negative reports, remind those whose faith is drowning, that the little of it remaining can move a mountain. God’s majesty lives outside of time; His strength, rescue, and reward transcends all.When that which satisfies the flesh is out of reach, let God satisfy your soul with His love. There is a need of the overflow of this love when we are waiting. For us not to condemn ourselves to hell, we need to know that God loves us despite our dirt and mess. For He loved the world so much that He gave His only son Jesus as a token of His love. Everybody who accepts this token and believes in the supremacy of this token shall not perish but live evermore (John 3:16 KJV).

 Therefore when we reject Jesus, we reject God’s unsearchable love. The beginning of all wisdom is to fear God; nonetheless, the greatest knowledge, the greatest wisdom, the greatest understanding is yet to be found in the revelation of the love of God. There is an unending supply of love from the river of God. If we are lost, it will find us; if we are blind, it will give us sight; if we are sick; it will heal us; if we are tired, it will arm us with strength; if we are weak, it will make us strong; if we are broken, it will mend us; if we are down, it will lift us; if we are dead, it will resurrect us. Whatever your wait is about, it will never be above God. It is this love that God has for us that makes His grace abound. It reaches any depth, any height, any length and any width. No sorrow, no pain, no struggle nor confusion hides from it. Its eyes are as sharp as an eagle’s. It removes all stains of sin; it bears all magnitudes of iniquity and forgets all errs of the past. In every battle it stands ready to defend us; in every charge it stands ready to acquit us; in every cry it stands ready to answer us. It seeks the unjust to justify them; it seeks the outcast to give them a home; it seeks the downcast to give them hope; it seeks the thirsty to quench their thirst, it seeks the hungry to fill their stomach. It declares the unrighteous righteous and the unholy holy. This love can be your buckler when the devil tries to steal your joy and peace. It can be your shield when hell wants to harm you.

There is nothing we can do or say that will stop God from loving us. God cannot do anything but love, because love is who God is (1 John 4:8). After you have done all you can in your wait, depend on God’s love. Jesus came out of love and He came to reveal the love of God. That is why we will never come to know the love of God if we do not seek it through the marvelous works of Jesus. Don’t get caught up in the middle of philosophical arguments about love or earthly descriptions and definitions of love. Love is why He came, love is why He suffered, love is why He died, love is why He arose, love is why He ascended, and love is why He is returning.