Emelia Mosima

Wait! is inspired by the Holy Spirit to empower and motivate the sons and daughters of God hit by the storms of uncertainties to His love and abilities.

Although waiting can be a painful experience, God wants us to be happy and peaceful throughout the waiting process. Everything seems to be delivered in bits these days, but heaven deems it sophistication to wait on God. This book is practical and transparent in its approach to the concept of waiting on God. It acknowledges that waiting is not something we inherently embrace and shares powerful, biblical insights into the concept of waiting. It reveals the often shrouded traits that make it difficult for the saints to wait, and hints on what saints could do while they wait and how to wait on God.

Wait! will help those who once trusted Him but are now overwhelmed by the yokes of life, reaffirm those tossed to and fro by the waves of life’s struggles, encourage those about to throw in the towel, calm those terrified by the negative reports, remind those whose faith is drowning, that the little of it remaining can move a mountain. God’s majesty lives outside of time; His strength, rescue, and reward transcends all.When that which satisfies the flesh is out of reach, let God satisfy your soul with His love. There is a need of the overflow of this love when we are waiting. For us not to condemn ourselves to hell, we need to know that God loves us despite our dirt and mess. For He loved the world so much that He gave His only son Jesus as a token of His love. Everybody who accepts this token and believes in the supremacy of this token shall not perish but live evermore (John 3:16 KJV).

 Therefore when we reject Jesus, we reject God’s unsearchable love. The beginning of all wisdom is to fear God; nonetheless, the greatest knowledge, the greatest wisdom, the greatest understanding is yet to be found in the revelation of the love of God. There is an unending supply of love from the river of God. If we are lost, it will find us; if we are blind, it will give us sight; if we are sick; it will heal us; if we are tired, it will arm us with strength; if we are weak, it will make us strong; if we are broken, it will mend us; if we are down, it will lift us; if we are dead, it will resurrect us. Whatever your wait is about, it will never be above God. It is this love that God has for us that makes His grace abound. It reaches any depth, any height, any length and any width. No sorrow, no pain, no struggle nor confusion hides from it. Its eyes are as sharp as an eagle’s. It removes all stains of sin; it bears all magnitudes of iniquity and forgets all errs of the past. In every battle it stands ready to defend us; in every charge it stands ready to acquit us; in every cry it stands ready to answer us. It seeks the unjust to justify them; it seeks the outcast to give them a home; it seeks the downcast to give them hope; it seeks the thirsty to quench their thirst, it seeks the hungry to fill their stomach. It declares the unrighteous righteous and the unholy holy. This love can be your buckler when the devil tries to steal your joy and peace. It can be your shield when hell wants to harm you.

There is nothing we can do or say that will stop God from loving us. God cannot do anything but love, because love is who God is (1 John 4:8). After you have done all you can in your wait, depend on God’s love. Jesus came out of love and He came to reveal the love of God. That is why we will never come to know the love of God if we do not seek it through the marvelous works of Jesus. Don’t get caught up in the middle of philosophical arguments about love or earthly descriptions and definitions of love. Love is why He came, love is why He suffered, love is why He died, love is why He arose, love is why He ascended, and love is why He is returning.

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