Seventh Dimension

Seventh Dimension
Lorilyn Roberts
He began to sway back and forth to drum beats that picked up in intensity. He called my name. “Shale, my bright and beautiful. I know what you long for, even though you haven’t figured it out. I can give it to you.” The creature spoke eloquently, and whispered one word that pierced my heart.
I nodded. “Yes, that’s it. Love.”
“Oh, Shale, you’re so beautiful.”
I touched my cheek. “Am I?”
The snake danced on. Soon more snakes appeared cavorting along with the first one, and the vile creatures turned into handsome men smiling and sending air kisses. Then they changed back into charming snakes attempting to lure me closer.
Baruch whinnied and stomped his hoofs. Why was he doing that?
“Shale, you deserve so much better. Come closer. I can make you feel wonderful. I understand you, Shale, you poor girl who has suffered so.”
I couldn’t take my eyes off the enchanter. “You understand me?”
The snake danced charmingly. “Do you trust me?”
“I don’t know.”
“You long to be loved, don’t you, sweetheart?”
“Yes, but you’re a snake. What do you know about love?”
“I can make it so that you will always feel loved. Would you like that?”
“I can make handsome men desire you.”
I sensed something was wrong but the creature was irresistible. I couldn’t turn away. A Gardenia scent, my favorite flower, whisked me to a far-away utopia. Tapping my feet, I swayed my arms to soft melodious strings that kept rhythm with the drums. The serpent, along with its entourage, came closer. The alluring creature spoke pleasant words to me. So pleasing was the sound of my name. The catcalls entreated me to let myself go free and the winsome smiles engaged me. Love filled the air as the snake eyes desired me, but another voice spoke. The sound was far away.
“Go away,” I demanded. “Leave me alone.”
I took another step and reached out to touch the sorcerer.
“I’ll make you a beautiful princess,” he promised.
The desire to be talented and sought after by handsome young men consumed me.
Footsteps approached and a familiar voice addressed me in a calm whisper, “Shale, come to me.”
Daniel was too late. I didn’t want him anymore. I laughed.
“Shale, come to me.” The snake used the same words as Daniel. I stared into the depths of the creature’s eyes and evil pricked my soul.

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