Reflections of Rosalyn

Reflections of Rosalyn
This is an excerpt from Reflections of Rosalyn, a novel by Theresa Franklin. This chapter takes placed in an assisted living facility and reflects the comprehension of the residents concerning a medical crisis.

There were tears in Barbara’s eyes as she hung up the phone and told Yolanda what Rosie had said. Surgery on any baby was difficult, but this one was extraordinary. Yolanda and Barbara held hands and prayed for the baby who had brought such joy to a home filled with people who had little to anticipate in life. Then they prayed for the mother. Barbara was seriously concerned about what would happen to Rosie if Jonathan didn’t survive this illness.

"George, oh George. Did you hear? It’s horrible," Miss Emily was yelling as she hurried into the dining room where the other residents were eating.

"Calm down, Miss Emily. I’m sure nothing is that bad."

"Yes, it is."

"Tell me what’s wrong, and let’s see if I can fix it."
"It’s Jonathan. He has a bowel destruction." 
"Oh, that poor baby!" Miss Bernice cried.

"What’s a bowel destruction?" George asked.

"That’s horrible," Mr. Robert mused.

"I’ve never heard of bowel destruction," George said.

"It’s probably from eating the food around here," Mr. Sidney yelled.

"It’s a wonder we don’t all have a bowel destruction," Miss Emily said.

"Okay, everyone. I’m sure there’s some kind of a mistake." George tried to calm the older people.

"Oh, there’s a mistake all right. Giving that baby this food. That was the mistake," Mr. Sidney suggested.

"There’s nothing wrong with our food." George tried to keep a positive atmosphere in the facility.

"What do you mean there’s nothing wrong with our food? It has destructed that baby’s bowel," Miss Emily insisted.

"There’s no such thing as bowel destruction." George couldn’t break the habit of attempting to reason with them, even though he knew it would do no good.

"Well, then how did Jonathan get it, Mr. Smarty?" Mr. Robert asked.

"He doesn’t have it."

"Oh, so now you’re a doctor? You always think you’re smarter than anyone else," snapped Mr. Sidney.

"I just think Miss Emily misunderstood…"

"Oh, now I’m stupid. Is that it?"
"I didn’t say that, Miss Emily. I said you misunderstood what Barbara was saying."102
"I didn’t misunderstand. Sometimes I don’t hear so good, but ain’t nothing wrong with my mind."
Thankfully Barbara chose that moment to walk into the dining room. "Please tell me about Jonathan," George pleaded.
"He has a bowel obstruction. They’re not sure what it is and will have to do surgery to find out. It’s a very dangerous surgery, especially for one so young."
"When do they plan to do the surgery?"

"They haven’t scheduled it yet, but it will have to be soon."
"Is there anything we can do?"
"We’re going to have to help Rosie be strong."
"We can do that. Does she need anything else?"
"Let’s have the kitchen staff prepare a basket of snacks for her. Then she can stay right by Jonathan’s side."
"I’ll do it right now and then take it to her," George said on his way to the kitchen.
Barbara went to Rosie’s room and packed some clean clothes and toiletries for her.

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