Two Up

Barbara Derksen
Two Up

 Two Up is a devotional book especially for bikers by Barbara Derksen.  The following is an excerpt:

Yet to all who received Him, to those
who believed in His name, He gave the
right to become children of God. John 1:12

Accepted as God’s Child

Jenny looked at her birth certificate. For some
reason, her father’s name was not on it. She
decided to ask her mother about it.
For three days, Jenny’s mom avoided the conversation 
but then one morning, she sat down
at the kitchen table just as Jenny was about to
leave for work. “Your father and I were never
married. He was just a date, someone I hardly
knew. He got drunk and… I never saw him
again.” Jenny’s mom hung her head. A lone
tear trickled down her cheek. “Nine months
later you were born.”
Jenny’s insides felt as if she were on the downward
ride on a rollercoaster. She searched her
mother’s face looking for some sign that she’d
heard wrong but her mom’s expression
said it all. My mom was raped,
Women who are raped today, are
pressured to abort their babies.
Before Jenny could say anything, her
mother stood. She wrapped her arms
around her only daughter and
said, “You were a gift to me from
God Himself. I have loved you
since the moment I saw you.
When I met your father, he fell in
love with the two of us. When we
married, he adopted you right
Being adopted, for Jenny, meant
she had a family. She had a father
who loved her and two younger
brothers who teased relentlessly
but were fun to be around anyway.
The fact that her father had
adopted her as a baby never made
her relationship with him any
different than the one he had with
her brothers. Jenny was taken care
of as if she had been born to her dad.
If you have asked Jesus to be the
center of your life, you have the
privilege of being adopted by the
King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
You have a Father who loves you,
who cares about your deepest
desires and who always has me
to listen when you talk to Him. You
can call Him “Abba” just as if He
were your very own daddy.
Hold your head up this day. No
matter what your circumstances
are, you have a Father who loves you. Under
difficult circumstances, or when you are challenged
to step out of your comfort zone, He
walks beside you and gives you the power to
overcome whatever tries to defeat you or
mess you up.
If you have never asked Jesus to be the center
of your life, you have the opportunity to receive
Him now. Pray this simple prayer acknowledging
your need for a Savior, and your need for a Father 
who will love you unconditionally.
Father God, thank you for loving me. I am so
sorry I have acted independently from you.
Please come into my life and make me your
child. Adopt me into your family, Lord.

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